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Friends of Rotary

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Friends of Rotary

Our club has created a group of friends and supporters known as ‘Friends of the Rotary Club of Balwyn’. As the name suggests, the idea is to foster deeper links with people who we believe share our ideals of service and fellowship, but for one reason or another are unable to commit to full Rotary membership

So the Friends are an informal group, with no obligations of attendance or subscription. However we hope that by becoming a Friend you will wish to strengthen your association with the club, and that we will enjoy your participation at our service activities, our meetings, and social events.

By participation in the life of the club you will have an opportunity to learn more about Rotary and our members, which may help you to consider membership if/when your circumstances change.

You will be welcome to attend any of these functions on your own initiative, without requiring a specific invitation, but any associated costs will be for your own account; and we do ask that you inform the relevant contact person in good time, so catering arrangements include yourself.

To help you to see what events are coming up we will put you on our circulation list for email or paper bulletins, and give you access to the Member section of our website.

The club is arranged into social groups based on where members and Friends live, so you will be given a liaison point with the club through the team leader of the social group for your area. This group will also hold its own functions during the year, at which you will of course be welcome.

For more information, contact us now & be sure to say "friends enquiry" in your message.

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