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Rotary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarship

A scholarship established for Indigenous students for tertiary study in Melbourne valued at UP to $25,000 per annum for 4 years.

Rotary International celebrated its Centenary on February 23rd, 2005. In recognition of this important milestone, the Rotary Club of Balwyn established a Scholarship for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students to study at an approved tertiary institution (TAFE, University or other approved institution) for a period of up to four years duration. The inaugural Scholarship was awarded on a bi-ennial basis in 2005 and was followed by another Scholarship in 2007. As a result of significant financial support and sponsorship from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood as well as Skills Victoria, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the Department of Justice (as part of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement), it has now become possible for multiple Scholarships to be offered on an annual basis. Each Scholarship is worth UP to $100,000 payable over four years as research demonstrated that $25,000 was the minimum amount required for an individual to live for a year with reasonable study conditions and not have to work in part time jobs in order to survive.


New Van to change Asylum Seekers Lives

The gift of a refrigerated van by Balwyn Rotary to ASRC.


International Projects

Our International committee is very active. 


Orphanage for 75 in East Timor

Orphanage built in the remote village of Salau in Timor Leste by Rotary Balwyn.

At a cost of A$170,000, the orphanage accomodates 75 children with their Carmelite Nun carers with a good level of self sufficiency thanks to its associated farm.


Desks & Chairs for East Timor Schools

Schools in Timor Leste are severely under-resourced & typically, have little or no furniture for students. This means students normally have to sit on the ground & write on their laps all of which contributes to a poor educational environment with poor outcomes. 10,000 children are finding it easier now.


Four Scholarships Awarded for 2014

RATSITS stands for Rotary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarship. This is a scheme, heavilly supported by Rotary Balwyn, that provides full 4 year tertiary scholarships for Aboriginal students. We have just awarded four more scholarships worth up to $100,000 each over 4 years.


East Timor responds

Timor-Leste’s Honorary Consul in Victoria, Ms Rae Kingsbury, sincerely thanked Rotary’s DIK program for the real difference it makes to the lives of thousands of the country’s citizens.


Bone Marrow Donor Institute

Refurbishments for the  BMDI Rotary House (Bone Marrow Donor Institute) 


Camcare assistance

Assistance was provided to facilitate training of Camcare personell & also fund some necessary maintenance


Spina Bifida Foundation

Project Summary :

A  grant of A$3000.00 to  fund the creation and the distribution of  50,000 leaflets dealing with the critical importance of taking folic acid   to reduce the risk of having a  Spina Bifida condition.

Box Hill Hospital Birthing Simulation Centre

Project Summary :

Grant of $52,615 to the Box Hill Hospital of Eastern Health, to purchase the obstetrics equipment for theBoxHillHospital- Simulation Centre


For  dedicated use in the education and training of  medical graduates, nurses and all clinicians and selected members of the community in best practice  obstetrics healthcare and birthing.

New vehicle for Rotary's Liaison Officer in Timor Leste

“People cannot believe that I still drive my old 1998 Troopie, ex Australian Army, & over the hill... The seats are finished & if I drive in the districts I cannot walk for 2 days due to the aches & pains! It's bone jarring!” said Mills.

As you can see from this comment from Daryl, he needed a new vehicle. His troopie had become so unreliable that when he needed a vehicle to travel out to the countryside from Dili he needed to hire a car.