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I understand that RC Balwyn provides funds for various charitable projects. If I donate to such a project, how much is lost in “overheads”?

Absolutely nothing. All Rotary Clubs run two separate accounts – a “Club Account” which is “money we spend on ourselves” and a “Grants Account” which is “money we spend on others”.

The Club Account receives money from annual fees, joining fees, meal charges, costs for social events, etc. It spends money on meals for members, Rotary district and affiliation fees, social functions, club websites, minor things such as name badges, etc.

The Grants Account receives income from fund raising activities and spends it purely on charitable projects. Rotary is perhaps unique in being able to claim that apart from direct expenses (if we sell a sausage for $2 the cost of the sausage, the bread, the gas to cook it, etc. but not the Rotarian labour will be deducted) there are no overheads at all.

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