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Violence Free Families program

Unfortunately Family Violence  is an all too common social problem in Australia. In response to this problem there is an increasing number of men’s behaviour change programs being delivered by a number of agencies.

The organisation Violence Free Families was developed through an initiative at Brighton Rotary where a small number of behaviour change programs were developed and delivered.. Due to the demand for these programs it was taken up by LifeWorks who are a major player in the delivery field of this type of program. One of their problems is high demand that has resulted in waiting lists of willing participants who have reached a stage where they accept that they have a problem and need help.

In a world first Violence Free Families in association with Gippsland Institute of TAFE and LifeWorks has developed a 13 week online course for participating men. Gippsland Tafe is highly experienced in the development of social programs.  Melbourne University will be involved in the evaluation of the program which will start in March 2014 with a pilot program for 8 participants. This is to be followed by 2 more pilots with larger groups.

Rotary Balwyn is providing the financial support for the program to pay the inevitable cost associated with development, day-to-day administration, and internet security and so on. To date $30,000 has been contributed to the project.

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