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New vehicle for Rotary's Liaison Officer in Timor Leste

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“People cannot believe that I still drive my old 1998 Troopie, ex Australian Army, & over the hill... The seats are finished & if I drive in the districts I cannot walk for 2 days due to the aches & pains! It's bone jarring!” said Mills.

As you can see from this comment from Daryl, he needed a new vehicle. His troopie had become so unreliable that when he needed a vehicle to travel out to the countryside from Dili he needed to hire a car.

The RC Balwyn (D9800), who are funding Daryl as the Liaison Officer in Timor Leste for a period of 5 years decided that he needed a new more reliable vehicle. Our first quote from a Melbourne firm (that gave us a special deal) was for Au$ 53000.

Daryl found that Care International was obtaining the same vehicle from Thailand for US$ 37150.The total price with on road costs was AU$43775, a very good deal.

Thanks to the fund raising efforts of Bob Glindemann (RC Melbourne) he was able to get donations of $28500. And the donations varied from $5000 (Leon Scott Friends group Bendigo) to $250. These donations came from 4 individuals, 4 “Friends of Timor Leste” groups, and 18 Rotary clubs from around Australia.

The balance of the purchase money ($15275) was provided by the RC Balwyn.

This project is a great example of Rotary Clubs working together to achieve a great result in helping Daryl in his work in Timor Leste.

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