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Market now bigger & Better

The Rotary Club of Balwyn has operated the market in Camberwell Junction Car Park on almost every Sunday since August 1976. It now has 395 stalls & is on track to raise over $750,000 this year which will be used locally, nationally & internationally to help improve the situation for a wide variety of community groups.

The money raised this year will probably take us over the $10 million mark for funds raised since the Sunday Market's inception.

You can browse through the most amazing variety of goods from real trash to genuine treasure. Bric-a-brac, hand crafts, clothing, old wares, collectibles, tools, furniture, toys, books & many more curious things are all available. The atmosphere is wonderful & you can browse & bargain, watch the amazing characters, be entertained by the buskers & enjoy a great coffee & something to eat at one of the eateries that open on to the market area.

The Sunday Market has its own home on the web. For the latest information visit:

You can contact market management direct at

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