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Public Speaking Workshops for Secondary Students

In late 2012 and early 2013, we ran 3 workshops for secondary school students in Boroondara interested in developing public speaking skills. The success of these, and the keen responses from numerous schools approached, has enabled us to now offer the program directly to students in their own schools.

This program is facilitated by the experienced and skilful team of trainers at Freedebate, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of debating and public speaking skills. RC Balwyn, working with the Foundation Boroondara CHANCES Scholarship manager  works with key school personnel to ensure effective delivery in a timely manner to the students. Dymocks Camberwell have sponsored the catering, an essential part of any plan to engage school students after school hours!

The principle aim of the program is to encourage interest in, and develop public speaking skills in students.  It is not a competition, but a focus on developing the skills across a wider number of students who see the benefits of public speaking .

Here are some quotable quotes from the students

"In today's society speaking is almost as important as writing so being able to convey information is a really important asset"

"Public speaking has been so scary for me but this program has given me a lot of confidence, thank you."

"These workshops have been good fun and the benefits to our public speaking skills are sure to help us not only with the remainder of our education, but for the rest of our lives"

One of the participating teachers had this to say

"It's been great to see the students gain confidence in their speaking delivery and structure, but also their confidence in responding to questions and class input."

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