Box Hill Mini Rail October Public Run Day





Fred Gibbs

The October Public Run Day was assisted by Rotary Club members performing Kiosk, platform and gate duties.

A major feature of the day was a party in the private BBQ area for Police Legacy. Organised by Stephen Dowling, the party attracted a large number of legatees and carers who enjoyed a BBQ, treats and Mini Rail rides.

A minor incident on the day was quickly resolved, and Mini Rail attendees enjoyed the good weather and contributed to gate takings totaling $4,600.

Many thanks for the assistance of David Hattam, Brian McGuinness, Chris Finley, Ian Davidson, Michael Curry, Ian Ridd, Stephen Dowling, Fred Gibbs, Tony O’Brien and Ann Ballard.

The Mini Rail runs on the 3rd Sunday of every month except for December (2nd Sunday) from 11am to 4pm.

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