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  • Notary Services
    Notary Services

    27-FEB Our speaker Paul Cariss has been providing Notarial Services in greater Melbourne since 1985.  Paul has significant experience and has built a substantial practice in providing notarial services for public and private companies and for individuals. All Notaries are practising lawyers who have the qualifications and experience to prepare, certify and witness documents for use overseas. Visitors are welcome to attend, just send an email to  

  • Crossword Puzzle Compiler
    Crossword Puzzle Compiler

    20-FEB Catherine Eagleson, the founder of the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is our speaker. At Clue Detective our passion is to promote the benefits of puzzling for lifelong learning. We believe in starting as early as possible. Puzzles are a brilliant learning activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They improve our vocabulary, general knowledge, critical thinking, help us to focus. Best of all they are fun and entertaining. With the arrival of the COVID era, adapting to doing activities at home and remote learning are becoming far more necessary. The Clue Detective puzzle portal e-resource provides an innovative way for puzzlers to stay engaged, connected as well as to learn and be entertained in a virtual setting, eg. via Zoom. Many people feel the affects of isolation and anxiety, especially if they are living alone. A puzzle is the perfect activity to divert attention on to an enjoyable activity. It allows the puzzler to work to solve a (make-believe) problem, either individually or in a group. The power of today’s modern technology makes it easier to stay connected in these challenging times. Visitors are welcome to attend, just send an email to

  • Level Crossing Removals
    Level Crossing Removals

    13-FEB Our speaker for the evening will be Lachlan Fenwick. The topic being Level Crossing Removal: The Inside Story Lachlan's background is in engineering with a particular focus on Engineering, Maintenance, Road & Rail Construction, Hydrocarbons and Process Industries. As Senior Commercial Manager, Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP), he was responsible for all commercial aspects of one of five Program Alliances at LXRP, including assessment and award of new work, financial reporting and payment processes under the Victorian Big Build Program including level crossing removals, new stations, stabling yards, car parks and related infrastructure upgrades. Visitors are welcome to attend, just send an email to