Les Twentyman Foundation

Les Twentyman & Gum Mamur

Tuesday 11th June 6:15 pm for 6:45 start
Green Acres Golf Club
51 Elm Grove, Kew East, VIC

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Les Twentyman has been on the frontline of heartbreak and hope for over 30 years.

As one of Australia’s best-known youth outreach workers and social campaigners, Les Twentyman has been on the frontline of heartbreak and hope for over 30 years.
Raised in Braybrook in Melbourne’s West, Les has devoted his life to young people doing it tough and is widely considered an expert on a range of community issues including youth homelessness, drug abuse, prison reform and social welfare.
Les has consistently shone a light on emerging youth issues with a “pull no punches” approach to the risk our youth face from social disadvantage.
Les is often called on to visit volatile areas of our cities and regions, in a bid to bring about harmony and cooperation, where anti-social behaviour has become a significant issue.
He has accompanied the Governor General, state Government ministers and leaders of industry to see the ‘dark-streets’ of Australia they never thought existed.
In addition to his tireless work with disadvantaged youth, Les takes every opportunity to be the voice of the disadvantaged, speaking through media, and to schools, community groups, service clubs, corporations, government and sporting clubs.
Les’s work even reached his Holiness, The Dalai Lama, who met with Les in June 2013 to discuss his work with the underprivileged.
Les has devoted his life to those-in-need and through the Les Twentyman Foundation he is seeking this important will continue into the foreseeable future.

Gum Mamur – Youth Worker with the Les Twentyman Foundation
Born in war torn Sudan in 1992, Gum and his family fled the country to seek refuge from the conflict, literally running for their lives as they crossed one country after another.
By the time Gum and his family had reached the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, his Grand Mother and Mother, despite the danger, had rescued dozens of orphaned children along the journey.
Taking on responsibility for the children, Gum’s Mother cooked dinner and lunch for over 40 people each day, despite the lack of food.
This gift of giving, displayed at a time of absolute hardship, would be the greatest gift that Gum could have received.
When Gum arrived in Australia, after a decade in a refugee camp, he found himself like so many young immigrants, struggling to fit into Australian society.
As he reached his teenage years, this presented Gum with choices, both positive and negative, and through the gift of giving presented by his Mother and Grandmother, the support of friends, and a critical interaction with the Les Twentyman Foundation initiated through the Foundations Redskins Basketball Club, Gum as able to make positive choices.
Through the Les Twentyman Foundation Gum made new friends, met great people, participated in a leadership program learning to understand himself and developed personal strategies in enjoying life.
Today Gum is a Youth Worker with the Youth Support Service Program for the Les Twentyman Foundation, with his ultimate goal to return to Sudan and assist in the rebuilding of the country – giving back is a family tradition.

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