Motor Neuron Disease and Prostate Research – Bill Guest

Bill Guest

Tuesday 19th June 6:15 pm for 6:30 start
Green Acres Golf Club
51 Elm Grove, Kew East, VIC

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Bill is a well-know Melbourne businessman and active supporter of charitable causes in the community. He is Chairman/Director of Guest Group, Guest Hire, Guest Commercial, Suite Deals, Guest Interiors, Guest Windows, Property 4 Retail and Guest Nominees. He is held many senior corporate roles and also served as Director of the Melbourne Football Club. Bill has been on the board of CARE Australia since 2000 and is the Chair of the CARE Australia Fundraising and Communications Committee.

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  • Voluntary Assisted Dying-Fiona Patten
    Voluntary Assisted Dying-Fiona Patten

    Fiona Patten’s working life began as a fashion designer in Canberra. Today she is the founder and leader of the REASON, a future-focused and evidence-based movement committed to delivering equality, sustainability and freedom through new methods of political engagement and pragmatic consultation. In November 2014, Fiona was elected a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region. She is one of a number of cross-benchers who hold the balance of power in Victoria’s Upper House. Her decision to run for political office came after 20 years of lobbying for the rights of small business owners, sexual freedoms, censorship reforms and public health organisations. She was best known as the CEO of Australia’s national adult goods and services lobby group, the Eros Association. Frustrated and deeply disappointed with the lack of social change on censorship, drug law reform, euthanasia and gay marriage, she set up and registered the Australian Sex Party in 2009 with a strong focus on civil libertarian issues and personal freedoms. Since being elected Fiona has worked tirelessly to deliver legal reforms that many thought impossible while garnering respect from all sides of Parliament. Her achievements include:

    •  Safe Exclusion Zones around abortion clinics
    •  Australia’s largest public inquiry into drug law reform
    •  The establishment of online e-petitions to Parliament
    •  Transforming the transport industry through Ridesharing Legislation
    •  A trial for Victoria’s first medically supervised injecting centre
    •  Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation – the first state in Australia to do so

  • Medical Misdiagnosis-Dr. Carmel Crock
    Medical Misdiagnosis-Dr. Carmel Crock

    Dr. Carmel Crock, Director of Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Emergency Department, is to speak on the subject of Medical Misdiagnosis. Dr Crock writes "Patients come to see us hoping for an accurate and timely diagnosis, but diagnosis is complex, an inexact science, fraught with paradox and contradictions. A seemingly benign symptom may herald a serious diagnosis, while a dramatic presentation may be symptomatic of a self-limiting and less serious disease process. Diagnosis evolves and our initial diagnosis, or in some cases multiple diagnoses, often require revision with the passage of time. What is more, we do not always have optimal conditions for diagnosis. In fact, it is rare for us to do so. We are often rushed, stressed, multitasking, interrupted and wrestling with an electronic medical record or technology. The tests we order have limitations; there are false positives and negatives, as well as confounding incidental findings. Our patient test results come back when the patient is no longer in front of us. Some of the results we cannot understand. Our colleagues (radiologists, pathologists and subspecialty doctors) may be difficult to contact. They say the same about us. We are often living and working in diagnostic silos, unable to connect with each other, despite advances in technology."

  • Saving Damaged Children – Lesley Porter
    Saving Damaged Children – Lesley Porter

    The Good Life Farm is a self-sustainable farm that provides environmental, life skills and animal studies programs to at-risk youth. The Good Life Farm has been running since 2005, and during that time dozens of disaffected young people have been referred to Lesley for help with issues arising from family dysfunction, school disengagement, behaviour problems, substance abuse, mental illness and isolation. Their hands-on experience on the property, caring for the animals, learning about team-work and decision-making, has had a significant impact on many young lives. Lesley Porter started out healing broken spirits using her considerable, well-tuned instincts about what kids need, as well as her training. She’s not an evangelist. Far from it. Lesley is a practical woman, warm but firm, who simply gets on with the jobs at hand. The program saves the lives of damaged children referred to the program by their schools because of low-level social and behavioural problems. Other courses held on different days of the week at the farm are for much more profoundly-damaged young people who have few reliable moorings. Many of them are homeless, are sent to the farm as a condition of probation from juvenile detention, are deep in drug and alcohol and legal problems, have suffered dreadful abuse as children, and have often altogether lost their way. The sort of kids who, in another part of Australia, might find themselves in a place like the Don Dale Detention Centre, of Northern Territory infamy. The Rotary Club of Balwyn provided funds to build and furnish an outdoor kitchen that assists the at risk young people, attending the program, to better understand nutrition and to teach them to prepare meals - an essential life skill. GOOD LIFE FARM